HitchKit: Warranty and Disclaimer

If any defects in any component of the HitchKit accessory occur because of defective material or workmanship, the Manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace such components free of charge for a period of 12 months from date of purchase, according to the judgment of the Manufacturer.

Inspection of defects will only be done at the premises and in collaboration with authorized Dealers. The Manufacturer’s responsibility is limited to this Warranty and it cannot be held responsible for personal injuries or associated duties, damage or losses that arise out of any defects.

The Manufacturer or its dealers are not responsible for damage caused by normal wear, misuse, negligence or any changes, modifications and repairs done without the Manufacturer’s written approval. Noted specifically is any defect, damage or injury incurred by incorrect fitting of any HitchKit accessory or damage caused by excessive loading as shown on the warning stickers or anything not considered normal family use.

The Manufacturer or its Dealers accept no responsibility for any differences that may occur between specifications of its products and descriptions thereof included in this publication.